Kyle Mosher

Kyle Mosher’s story isn’t unlike that of many of Charlotte’s entrepreneurs and artists. Having his “plan A” pulled from under his feet, and being stuck in the unenviable limbo between doing what he wanted to do and what his parents wanted, Kyle came to terms with the vision he had of his future, and how he would put his passions to work for him.

Growing up in Quebec, Canada, Kyle Mosher had dreams of playing professional hockey. When a shoulder injury that required surgery cut those dreams short, Kyle was forced to pursue a different passion in America. The only problem?

He didn’t know what that passion was.

Having a talent in sketch work, and an intangible attraction to visual arts, Kyle enrolled in the New Hampshire Institute of Art, despite having limited formal training. Kyle’s talents were readily apparent, however, and the buzz his work created quickly spread to the highest levels of the art world.

After eight years of mostly anonymous struggles, Kyle feels that he finally has broken through, and that he is part of just a small fraction of artists whose work can support them full-time.

Kyle (who goes by the pseudonym “i’m not a crook”) works in a medium he calls “synthetic cubism”, a process in which he uses hand-cut pieces of decades-old newspapers and magazines, as well as screen print and hand painting, to create a mix-medium style that is all his own.  His work combines the superficial world of classic art with the flashy-but-flat style of contemporary pop; two genres which he admits have become stale for different reasons. The result of that fusion is something distinctly familiar, but fresh and new.

Kyle Mosher with Andy Goh at Kyle’s studio at the Ink Floyd building in NoDa

Andy Goh of QC Independent Radio sat down with Kyle at his studio in the Ink Floyd building in NoDa to talk about growing up as a kid in French Canada, the influences of hip-hop culture in his personal life and professional work, his distinctive style of art, and who is the most famous rapper to come out of Canada not named Drake.

Find Kyle Mosher online at, and on twitter and Instagram at @thekylemosher. You can stop by the Ink Floyd building at 1101 E. 36th Street in NoDa, and he’ll spit some rhymes with you.

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